With pride and joy SperoCoin will be launching its official exchange!
Stay tuned to our deadline and submit your entry request for your favorite currency!


Our Website Is Coming Soon. We`ll be here soon with our new Imagination.
Attention! The date below may be postponed as needed by the technical team.

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We have a totally secure system, with cloud wallets installed on external servers, thus avoiding direct attacks on the balances.

Code Adapted by Team Spero

With a unique code, many variables were alternated to improve accuracy and security in our system.

Diversity of Coins

We will have a list of several altcoins, with this we will have a diversified market for all types of users.

Coin Listing

We only accept bitcoin based altcoins (coins with RPC 1.0 compatibility).
Cryptonote, Zcash forks and Ethereum tokens are currently not accepted

To be listed on the Spero Exchanger a coin should satisfy several requirements
1. Аt least 5 pages with informatible messages on bitcointalk
2. Payment of installation fee of 1.500 SPERO
3. Link on the Spero Exchanger should be in the Announce post on the bitcointalk

To list your altcoin, send an e-mail informing the data below.
Please include:
1. Enter in the subject: "COIN LISTING - COIN NAME [TICKER]"
2. Coin name and ticker
3 Forum ann thread
4. Coin Source

After our team check your coin,we will contact you with further informations.