Spero White Paper
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SPERO White Paper

Welcome to this project!
In the above option you can browse our sections without having to manually find the content. We hope that all doubts about the project are resolved through this document that reports from the beginning of the creation of the project until the present date.
Throughout the development and over the years the information provided here can be added, altered and removed for a better update of all our users.
We hope you will also be part of our network and help us grow!


SPERO was originally created from a code of a currency already in development by the Brazilian Marciano Valverde. From the base of his code some adjustments and improvements were applied in order to transmit the more complete and pure code.
Initially overseen by Francis Santana, a former member of Foundation MarteX (base currency), SPERO began on September 25, 2017, and this date can be confirmed in our code available at GITHUB . Thus, the following information was generated on September 25:

• Merkle: 0x6f5dd836da72471e5ea8f3c836249e447059f9f7c7c26a2f91fecd0c509dd677
• Timestamp: "A esperanca eh a ultima que morre."
• block.nTime: 1506335848
• block.nNonce: 44360;
• GenesisBlock: 0x000006f4925ed7b889f847f24621390d4943466f091c3254ca1bd8becc517f7b

Starting the Genesis block, then blocks 01 and 02 were pre-mined with hashs: 00000fff3b93a589e494558ef101a61ca0d3e66f6e5639eb4711ee16db45d265 and 000007fdef936b937d6935b12ce732e275bab1805e103e639b4c9c6ebf3b0bec respectively.
In these two blocks were mined the amount of 100,000.00000000 SPERO, which will be distributed throughout the project in order to maintain the same asset and always seeking improvements.
After this episode we had some problems to keep it online and the draft was discontinued by Francis Santana.
The SPERO team was then developed to continue the services initially provided by Francis.
In this quest to keep the code alive, a fork was held and more improvements were made from this fork.
The project had its fork held on September 26 where all data on pre-mining was maintained. The wallet with pre-mining balance was then reallocated and the code was sent back to the GITHUB .
SPERO was reborn here!

Reduction of social differences

The initial proposal of SPERO is to create a currency that can be used by any user without complications and delays in the transactions. We want to bring a coin that is usual in our day to day life, either by a freelance salesperson or by a large supermarket chain.
The basis of this project is to help people with low income or almost no income to achieve the minimum of dignity possible in life in society.
We want students who suffer from their high costs in studies, can make their snacks, buy books and do much more using our system at zero cost.


Besides the fact of trying to reduce the social difference, we would also like to bring a new vision ecologically to the world of crypto-coins.
Much has been seen with respect to currencies with PoS technology, but little has been done to make this system effective. With SPERO, we hope that this problem is also remedied or at least mitigated.


Think of a world where you can buy your favorite products, your favorite food and still to conquer it, you do not have to spend the price that is imposed on that item or service with your current national currency ...
Would not that be interesting?
Be able to pay for your wife's dinner, buy your child's toy or snack at the door of your school or work without having to tinker with your monthly budget.
Since the year 2009 this is possible through a decentralized monetary system created by one (or a team) known worldwide by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was created from a source code developed by this being (or team) an entirely different banking system from the conventional one, where all the transactions take place without any intermediary or bank delays due to their working hours.
BITCOIN was created to meet all these needs and best of all: it was available for free!
Anyone with a computer connected to the Internet could perform the known mining and obtain in exchange for the result of the labor test some coins provided by this system.
Mining consisted of solving mathematical problems and this resolution was done through processors that were used to their extreme to guarantee speed and accuracy in the answers.
Here begins the first problem:
Over the years the currency was getting more and more known and more users began to make use of this medium. However, with the growth of users, procurement has become increasingly difficult because there are always improvements in processor fabrications and thus older processors and becoming obsolete.
Then began the race to obtain coins!
The newer your processor and the better your processing power, the faster you get the Satoshis (BITCOIN Fractional Unit). With this race, the market price began to leverage and each more and more users arrived.
Here, then, a new modality begins: the participation of companies for professional mining (ASIC).
Companies began to develop machines with incredibly strong hardware and charged absurd prices for their acquisition.
Many users started buying these equipments and those who did not have the conditions, began to enter schemes known as "cloud mining" or mining in the cloud, where the big companies bought numerous ASICs and with this they served the rent of the power of processing to its users.
The counterpart of this scheme was first of all the very high risk of hiring a service that could never give you any return and in return if you bought the equipment the consumption of energy was very high, often making mining damage.
To get an idea an ASIC S9 costs on average $ 2200 with a consumption of 1300W! With this we have the consumption superior to that of an air conditioner (1200W) !!!
In this way we sometimes have professional companies with more than 50 machines connected at the same time ... The consumption of electric energy is absurd and totally unsustainable ecologically speaking.

Professional Mining Center

Thus, only the rich get richer, waste their high costs that are often not paid and the end user is totally at the mercy of these entities.
Another major problem reported and experienced with the increase in the number of users of the BITCOIN network was the delay of confirmation of a transaction, or even the addition of this transaction in Blockchain.
A BITCOIN block can receive up to approximately 1.02Megabytes (day) or almost 292,359 transactions per day. To send your transaction to this block and be added to Blockchain you pay a fee known as "fee". The rate BITCOIN standard today is 0.00001BTC, and if you pay a higher rate, your transaction has a higher priority than the others and will be added to the block faster.
Suggesting this, if the block were at number 292,358 and your transaction was the one that closed the block and someone sent a rate higher than yours, your transaction would only enter the next block.
With this, the expense with high rates is often unsustainable economically speaking and when it is sent with standard rate, the waiting time is gigantic (it can take more than 1 day).


SPERO has come to fill in the gaps left by the original BITCOIN proposal.
We introduce PoS mining or proof of stake, where the network selects a portfolio and creates a block within it. When creating the block you receive a reward of participation of the transaction.
In this way, the higher your balance, the greater the chances of being selected.
The premium paid by SPERO is equivalent to 25% per year of the total value of your portfolio.
This way all you need is a computer running SPERO software and keeping it connected by following some simple rules:

→ Keep the wallet online at least 2 hours a day and at most 12 hours;
→ Keep the wallet unlocked for participation;
→ The higher your balance, the faster you can be covered by the net draw;
→ The balance equals its "weight" of the network;
→ Balance greater than 1 SPERO

The advantages of this type of mining are numerous, and the most outstanding is the possibility of participating in this mining without having to spend money on equipment with high prices. You can use that old Pentium or a RaspBerry for example!
In this way comes the second advantage: The low power consumption.
Initially we propose the distribution of phases of our project, being divided in number of blocks:
• From block 0 to 33331 = PoW and PoS mining phase;
• From block 33332 to 263250 = PoS mining phase;
• From block 263251 above = PoW and PoS mining phase

In addition, we have the advantage of scalable or adjustable block according to the need of the network. Remember the example of BITCOIN? For it is our blocks have maximum time of 60 seconds and after this is recorded in the book. If the network needs to use 292,360 transactions or more than 20MB all within 60 seconds, all transactions will be sent!
With this we gain agility in extremely fast transactions and compensation:

• 03 confirmations for user-to-user transactions;
• 05 confirmations for mined transactions

Thus the transactions have a maximum time of 5min to be registered in the block in the PoS mining phase and less than 3min in the hybrid mining phase.


Below we would like to list some information about the project you want to know:

Technical information:

• Algorithm: X13 - Junction of 13 hashs, being: blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo, hamsi, fugue
• Total currencies: 7 million
• Block Time: 60 seconds
• PoS Return: 25% per year
• Difficulty reset to each block
• 100000 pre-mined coins

Distribution of pre-mined coins:

Track the distribution in real time
Distribution Address Current Balance
Wallet Android SdFNte8eomKRGrecuP1zezBtVhLfzzpmM8 6003.99770639 SPERO
Wallet IOS SjcPW5pCZy97q94QYwu5nrJZh58otURA7p 2001.16415153 SPERO
Wallet MAC SNGaehWAaZ51qishJMhwqgQcBQvFfqaSJD 4002.99454312 SPERO
Translations of Topics Sk1vJ5PKiXoQKwFYVwQTm6sXb4DFWpUDL4 2003.10825149 SPERO
1º Study Group Sghyv6hSBhbAJoupYx9RnV3z4T4oSJfrAF 5001.98067542 SPERO
2º Study Group SZenx1RhCeEcBBnqnUZm7d33tWNS4JFNUx 5001.70143951 SPERO
3º Study Group Sh1poCxVfph2x1ZPt1RwcH9kMTaj7abZy3 5001.99328115 SPERO
Airdrop Distribution Sjy8g4rXe6Bdrb7qSz7Pm4pgZZFCG141NS 0 SPERO
Sales SN3r5zNcfSBMtzUsVTp2ps7PyYG3sxUZVf
7886.75989953 SPERO

→ Wallet Android: 2000 SPERO
→ Wallet IOS: 2000 SPERO
→ Wallet MAC: 2000 SPERO
→ 10 Translations of Topics: 100 SPERO
Listing in Exchange: 10000 SPERO: Payment TxID: 954af0b2e80730721d2f5edc30708a636802a27e5dfaa22fbbd620d5399f3cf5
→ 03 Study Group with 05 students in each: 5.000 SPERO
→ Airdrop Distribution(20 SPERO):
→ Sales: 30000 SPERO


Adresses TxID
SemZw3EoJkshdDMCoHDQm3495oqkNesY1h 912a3aceae978799ae7397ef3eed7d3e0055623a9ddc9c0964ecb512dfc2c38a
Sifd9gMAQWam9ZRWQn3HKFq3QVm9sWfc9x ffa38cd5e650bba81e2172099e9bfd68f93c51c236f2031156e2e44e2ab9b1fd
SZJyMdDEyg4NWvmNaXzCnX6tj4tNSGZCx2 574b1030e26705df3530090aa0380a949ffc635a235ce3373734c982b4691429
SZnGRzsrbkUCqHJbedpf7k6Wzqi9uabw2B d2a797763ded5e5d81161ccaac8bfc47abc9565282cc3df9a0518bb754614c9e
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SjvFtgoa4uzRKhAfHvKQTHxiurSu1bzzvU c8c01d697830fd5c92c187a0489abf7c2f3297146ff177078caba0c1d960b81b
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If after reading this documentation there is a desire to participate in this project, just download our software from our website.
We would like to thank every user who actively participates in our community and helps our currency grow. By helping the community you are automatically helping yourself, since everything you happens with the currency reflects directly on you user.
From here we will be in search of always being more promoting our project and increasing our network and services.
By talking about them, visit our website and check out our services and partners who accept our currency as payment method.

E-mail: sperocoin@gmail.com
Website: https://sperocoin.ddns.net/

SPERO® is a registered trademark. 2017
All rights are reserved.